✌️️Olá! Tudo bem? My name is Bia Frenkel, and I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, the Cidade Maravilhosa. Back in Brazil, I studied history and ethnography, and wrote my thesis on the intersectionality of identity, education, and museums. I have always been curious about understanding folks’ motivations and interpretations of the mundane, as well as their usage of technology.

Since moving to New York, I’ve been lucky enough to work in several different capacities within the tech world. As a Strategic Research Analyst at Guidepoint Global, I leveraged technology to help clients make important business decisions. I then worked at Amino Apps, a mobile-first start-up that fosters interest-based communities. Most recently, I worked on the Growth team at Outbrain, where I helped optimize clients’ marketing strategies. Over these  several years, I’ve both learned and had an impact on these companies, but have always felt that I wanted more space to work creatively.

So I finally took a leap of faith and decided to redefine myself as a creative, as a UX Researcher & Designer.

I decided to fully immerse myself in User-Centered Design at Parsons School of Design and The Flatiron School, and I haven’t looked back. I believe in design as a tool to make our world more accessible and intuitive. I am passionate about design thinking and inclusive design and want to use it to democratize technology.

For Fun
When I’m not prototyping or wireframing, you can find me:
  • Meditating and practicing yoga
  • Baking gluten-free cakes with alternative sweeteners and more substitute ingredients than original ones
  • Volunteering as a Family Case Worker at The Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights, a non-profit that advocates the best interests of unaccompanied immigrant children and promotes a dedicated juvenile immigrant justice system.
  • CitiBiking around New York City
  • Decorating my apartment with dozens of plants